A refreshing approach to fresh produce is what Jupiter Marketing Ltd is all about. Despite being a relatively young company in the fresh produce arena, our team’s wealth of experience has enabled us to lead in this field.

To be the first choice fresh produce company for suppliers, customers & employees globally, by offering outstanding service and opportunity.


At Jupiter Marketing Ltd selecting the right partner to buy our fruit from, or sell your fruit on to, is of paramount importance. Our approach to our customers and suppliers has seen us develop a healthy reputation for having a consistent and reliable supply chain so you can be confident we will provide you with an outstanding service.


Our business model is a unique one. It’s designed to serve customers all over the

world on a bespoke basis, which benefits both suppliers and customers alike.



  • We provide all varieties of fruit, in all formats and sizes.
  • Experience of serving the Retail, Wholesale and Food Service business sectors.
  • Access to customers and markets all over the world.
  • We label at source and direct supply to depots.
  • An efficient supply chain that’s served with both clarity and accuracy.
  • A personal, friendly service with regular communication.
  • We are loyal to both our customers and suppliers having nurtured fantastic relationships worldwide.
  • We provide seasonal continuation by offering our customers a consistent, year round supply.
  • Our brands optimise the sales potential of the produce.
  • Full Technical Accreditation, including HACCP and BRC, and require a minimum of Global Gap from our suppliers - although many are working to TNC, ETI and Sedex.
  • Merchandising and marketing support.
  • Worldwide shipping and freight-forwarding service.
  • Fast and accurate QC inspection of fruit on arrival from anywhere in the world.
  • An industry-leading supplier intranet, which puts our suppliers more in touch with the point of sale than any other supplier.
  • Overall speed and accuracy of information to and from our suppliers.


As part of Jupiter’s ongoing commitment to the neighbouring properties and residents around our headquarters in Newport Shropshire, we are instigating a noise reduction strategy. Parking restrictions have been implemented in order to reduce the levels of noise caused by heavy goods vehicles, entering and exiting the site outside of normal operating hours. For any further details please contact us via the details below.


Head Office Contact Details:

Jupiter Marketing Ltd, Suite 2, Nova House,
Audley Ave, Enterprise Park

Newport, Shropshire, TF10 7DW

Fax + 44 1952 822222